In November, liberal Democrats swept through the nation in an unprecedented takeover of municipal and school board elections including ours, rapidly undoing all the common-sense fiscal and tax policies we have worked for years to maintain.

                    Hate definitely defined November’s sweeping conclusion.

Democrat operatives are often younger, more energized, very well organized with apps and meet-ups going door to door and canvasing shopping malls signing up new voters and handing out absentee ballots, angrily marching unified in hate under a single mission: Hurting ANY Republican hurts “the orange monster Drumpf himself!  Sticking it to local Republicans is the same as sticking it to him!”

Here’s the cold hard truth about your Republican Committee.   Most Members refuse to support conservative change-agents.  Refuse to adapt and work hard to meet current conditions.  Some openly refuse to support our President, our Constitution, the Second Amendment.  Conservatives have measured and weighed their Committee and found members wanting.  Is it any surprise liberals are winning one community after another in Pennsylvania?  We’re becoming an ocean of blue.

                                     November 2017 County Election Map.  Red-Republican   Blue-Democrat

True conservative activists within the Republican Committee NEED HELP.   To survive and win we require new blood in our ranks to help us prosecute and win the ground war against Democrats and also remake our Party hard uncompromising conservative.  The time for leaving the work to others is OVER.  If not us then who?

Standing at the Polls twice a year handing out literature, Poll striking, phone calling, door knocking, lawn sign placement, signing up new voters, getting absentee ballots to conservatives away at college or traveling on business.  And, to run as candidates for offices.  You come ready to work and ready to win.  I can tell you from experience that even a little effort in this contest goes a very long way.  One person doing a only a tiny fraction of the work will in fact make a world of difference.

THINK GLOBALLY!  But ACT LOCALLY.  There is no other way.  All politics are LOCAL.  If anyone disagrees with this premise then they fundamentally fail to understand the political process.  Votes mean everything.  Democrats very clearly understand this is a numbers game.  The rest is all just noise; political theater.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ENGAGE.  We invite your conservative heart and grit and whatever spare time you can give.  Please contact me:

Jack Minster       jackfortrappe@gmail.com     610-420-8396

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