Mission Statement

Republican Committee

Jack Minster – Committee Chairman
jackfortrappe@gmail.com cell: 610-420-8396

Stu Strauss –   Committee Treasurer
straussfortrappe@aol.com cell: 215-518-6007

Address: 130 W MAIN ST STE 144-346
TRAPPE, PA 19426

What you can expect from us

Known as a Republican stronghold since the Civil War, Trappe went for Barack Obama in 2008, 53 percent to 46 percent — nearly matching the vote in Pennsylvania as a whole, and the first time in generations that a Democratic presidential candidate won a majority of the borough’s votes.  This made front page news of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday 17 May, 2009

Suffice it to say this awakened me.  Before November 2008, I was content to leave the leadership of my party up to those who are older and wiser than we.  Turns out some are just older.  I could no longer remain at peace unless I jumped into the fray and gave Trappe Republicans my best.  Change begins and ends at the grassroots level.

The media did not always sensationalize, slant, and spin the facts.  For example on 14 April, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot, and the New York Times published less than four columns containing strictly the known facts (link to article contents).

Imagine!  Reporting just the facts, trusting the intelligent American people to absorb and discuss those facts and to draw their own informed conclusions.  What would the article look like if that national tragedy occurred today?

Trappe Republicans need the summarized, salient, and unfiltered performance record of political candidates and about other business affecting them.   As past performance is often the best indicator of present and future behavior, what candidates have done and what they’ve said is more useful in forming a voting decision than campaign marketing, promises, and spin.

I have made it my mission to deliver facts to you.

The Committee will not withhold our opinions, however we know that nothing is more valuable to us and to other taxpayers than the perfect sanity of the record, words and actions, not to be disputed.


Common Questions About the Trappe Republican Committee

1.         What is the Republican Committee?

Political parties are structured very much like our government.  There are Federal, State and Local representatives.  Collectively, these groups of individuals are all called committees. Both Republicans and Democrats have National, State and Local “Committees”.  Our local Republican group is called the Trappe Republican Committee.  It functions as a part of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, which in turn functions under the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee which likewise works with the Republican National Committee.

2.         What is a committeeperson?

A committee person is a representative of a particular committee.  In Trappe Borough, there are two committee people functioning as representatives of the Republican Party to all of the registered Republicans within their respective district.

3.          What does a Committeeperson do?

The 2 members of the Trappe Republican Committee have 6 main functions:

  1. Represent the Republican Party to the registered Republicans within their voting district.  They are a resource for information about the Republican Party.
  2. Register voters within their voting district.
  3. Recommend candidates for various elected offices.
  4. Provide absentee ballot applications.
  5. Answer voter questions about Republican candidates.
  6. Provide lawn signs upon request.
  7. Obtain petition signatures for State-level Representatives, Senators, judges, and local magistrates.
  8. Attend MCRC (Montgomery County Republican Committee) endorsement meetings, training and business meetings.
  9. Meet regularly with Federal and State officials.
  10. Appoint Judge Of Elections and Trappe Borough poll workers.
  11. Meet with voters interested in serving the Party, also in local and state government and committees.
  12. Introduce new move-ins to Trappe government and to voting in Trappe.

4.         Why does the Trappe Republican Committee endorse Candidates?

When handled properly, this is one of the most helpful services that a Committeeperson can provide.  People are very busy with their lives and they should be able to rely on their Committeepeople to provide information on recommendations of the respective candidates for a particular office.  This should be a helpful part of the process of electing a candidate.  This is a very important responsibility for each Committeeperson and needs to be taken very seriously.

Most important to us are your voting requirements. Yes it’s exciting to experience the energy at the polls and that feeling you get from exercising your right and pushing that button; but if you have the type of professional or personal schedule that may find you traveling or otherwise disposed during election weeks, why chance it?  Call us, we will happily run you out an absentee ballot.  Also:

Answer questions about candidates.

Provide candidate lawn signs.

If you know someone who needs to get registered, we will help.

The number of fiscally conservative Republicans voting for fiscally conservative Republicans absolutely must improve.    Democrats in Montgomery County are currently enjoying a lead over Republicans of approximately 36,000 voter registrations.

Voting Location:
525 West Main Street,
Trappe, PA 19426
Phone (610) 489-7181


Your new Republican Committee ran with the promise of improving communications in Trappe.  We’re delivering on that promise.  The TrappeGOP.org website will become a key communication vehicle.  Sign up for email alerts; get informed early, and get involved.

We highly encourage Trappe taxpayers to visit Council meetings to see our officials and leaders in action.  Because local government is closest to us, our local officials’ decisions directly affect our quality of life and taxes.  We trust our local officials in Trappe to run our government, from the cost of water that flows from our faucets to infrastructure repairs; from whether a builder is allowed to develop a neighborhood to creating police departments.

Get informed.  Your voice means nothing if it is not heard.